The start up piazza

Rimini - 07-09 June 2017

Palacongressi, Rimini (Italy)

During the 57th AFI Symposium, it will take place The start up piazza. This “stage” will allow the innovative realities attending the event with their desks in the exhibition area to get in touch with pharmaceutical companies and potential investors.
The space will host start ups from pharmaceutical world, biotech, medical and diagnostic devices, that will have the possibility to present their projects during the lunch breaks. In the meantime, start ups will also have the possibility to follow mini-symposiums of their specific interest, dealing with topics such as business creation, intellectual property protection, partnership and start up financing models.
Entrance to exhibition area and to the events dedicated to the start ups world will be free for the whole duration of the event, in order to encourage the encounter between the different kinds of participants: companies, start ups, institutions, universities and researchers.