Le Vie del Viandante 2.0

Venue: Roveredo - Lecco - Piuro - Gravedona ed Uniti


New Aurameeting, in the context of the European Project Vi.Vi. 2.0, supports the Montagne Lago di Como network of companies  in the organization of a calendar of B2B Workshops, aimed at creating holiday packages on the touristic product “Le Vie del Viandante”, a pattern of historical paths thatwinds from San Bernardino Pass to Milan, passing through Lake Como

These are initiatives aim to encourage the incoming  in the context of active tourism by facilitating contact between local tour operators and service providers, to build a catalog of proposals that will be presented for the first time at the BIT 2020 and following many national and international tour operators. For this reason, the Valsassina companies are also involved in the project, as well as all the companies operating in the Active sector  and in all seasons of the year, in order to further enrich our proposal for a union between lake and mountain.

Montagne del Lago di Como has the task of creating these workshops as a partner of the European project Le Vie Del Viandante 2.0, which provides a structured system of promotion and marketing of the new tourism product.

There are 4 appointments, one for each area included in the cooperation territory, and they are organized in collaboration with the other networks and consortia that participate in the partnership, which are the North Lake Como association, Consorzio Turistico della Valchiavenna ed Ente Turistico del Moesano for the Swiss side.

Work starts at 9:30, ends at 12:30. Registration starts at 9 a.m. Coffee break will be offered to all participants.

It is necessary to register online for the Workshops (registration is free). Please note that a maximum of 80 places is available for each date. One person is allowed to register for each company and for only one date. Any requests for registration for more than one person will be accepted at the last minute, depending on the number of places available.

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