NSF COURSE – New Annex 1: How to develop an effective Contaminantion Control Strategy

Date: 17/09/2019
Venue: Hotel Michelangelo, Milano
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Control Strategies are in increasing demand to support the increasing complexity of pharmaceutical products and interactions among critical quality factors, processes, production environments and patients make the process aiming to grant conformity to the three pillars “quality, effectiveness, patient safety”, in the production of sterile medicines more challenging.


Qualified Person (QP) and other technical staff need to be informed on the requirements in the draft on the new Annex1 and their correct intepretation, because they can have a significant impact both for patient and for company. The Contamination Control Strategy (CCS) defines a documented approach and the arguments cited to control product quality, its effectiveness and patient safety in the production of sterile pharmaceutical products. These requirements can be undermined by contamination of various nature. CCS and risk control measures (technical and organizational) are necessary to help minimizing risks of such an impairment.

What you’ll learn in this  one day course
• Overview of the changes in new Annex1 and their implications
• Detailed guide on methodology, format and contents in preparing CCS
• Regulatory bodies expectations about CCS and how they’ll use it to assess the compliance to cGMP of your sterile structure

• Recent updates on new Annex1 status
• Areas of potential criticalities in the implementation of new Annex1
• Overview of the changes in new Annex1 and necessity of having CCS
• Best practices in the creation of the team and methodology to draft CCS
• Structure, format and use of CCS
• CCS contents: overview of the key aspects ok this document

Why not sharing your problems to discuss them together?
The course is an opportunity to share experiences with solidly skilled tutors and with collegues who have roles similar  to yours. Our courses are planned to keep you informed and to give you answers through discussions and work groups.

Seminar Tutors
We believe that our team of experts is the best available. Not only they have years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, but they also have committed to lead and support people in improving and raising the standards. We believe that you attend courses to learn the latest news in regulatory affairs.

Hotel Michelangelo – Piazza Luigi di Savoia, 6 – Milano
Metropolitana Linea 2 – 3 (fermata Stazione Centrale)

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● € 640,00 for the second AFI non associate
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Registration fee include:
● one lunch
● two coffee breaks

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