Data Evento: 18/10/2018 - 20/10/2018
Luogo Evento: University of Padova I
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Advances in Drug Delivery and Biomaterials: facts and vision


Aim of the Workshop

Drug delivery and Biomaterials are different area of science but, at the same time, are tightly related and intertwined. The 2018 CRS Italy Chapter Annual Workshop aimed to explore the more recent advances in the design and development in these areas. Many colleagues coming from Europe participated to the Workshop, to stimulate the discussion, to explore new frontiers and to tackle new horizons. To foster the discussion on recent researches and networking opportunities among attendees, all poster presenting authors have been asked to provide a short talk. 10 minutes presentation followed by 5 minutes discussion have been scheduled in the dedicated poster area. Only a limited number of posters (about 40) have been selected.

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